Open-notebook science

Today I’m starting something that I’ve been daydreaming about for years. Feeling like I should be doing for years. Today I’m making my work notes public.


I attended the Digital Research Academy's Train the Trainer event

Thanks to the support of the e-ReproNim Fellowship I was able to attend the Digital Research Academy’s in-person “Train the Trainer” event in Munich at the start of September, and the e-ReproNim folks asked me to write up my experiences, so I figured I might as well share them here too. This was one of a pair of pilot events (one digital and one in person).


My Signal backup system

This is a “living” blog post. I will update it as my practice changes. Its history can be found here.


An open-source knowledge management system for the lab

This blog is adapted from an informal talk I gave at the Open Science Retreat. Thanks to those who joined and asked cool questions!


How to add a Jekyll blog to an existing github pages website

I wrote this blog at the Open Science Retreat. Thanks to the organizers for giving me the time and inspiration to finally get this done!